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To promote social organization and advancement through educating communities on the impact of traumatic experiences on human behavior in the social environment. This education enhancement will be completed through theatrical and community engagement events.



  • PRODUCTION - We value the intimate experience of live theatre. We challenge and inspire our community through providing an educational theatrical experience while addressing areas of major concern in society.
  • PROCESS - We are devoted to the ongoing development and growth of our community. We strive to create an environment where individuals can safely addressing concerns that may impact their ability to reach full potential. We utilize art as a therapeutic strategy for addressing life experiences.
  • EDUCATION - We believe that experience creates the best opportunities growth and development. We are committed to examining topics that have become taboo in our communities, while the impact of these topics is greatly seen.


Progressive Perspective Theatrical was founded in February of 2015, by Licensed Social Worker April Haugabrook. In Ms. Haugabrook's 8 plus years of experience in the Social Work field, she has been honored to service Client’s in the areas of Trauma, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Geriatrics. Ms. Haugabrook realized early in her career, that she was expected to assist Clients with current problems that were either caused or amplified as a result of unresolved experiences. She felt that addressing the outcome and neglecting the cause was detrimental to the long-term success of her Clients.


Ms. Haugabrook has over 15 years of theatrical experience, including but not limited to Poetry, Playwriting, Acting, Dance, and Directing. She received training in Theater Arts and Social Work from Virginia State University and The University of Akron. Through merging her education, experience and passion, she found her purpose. Progressive Perspective Theatrical Company was then formed. 



April Haugabrook

Executive Director


Willel Watterson (Honorary) 



Ronald Goode



Lyneil Nash 





Nakeyah Turner



Sarah Taylor


Board Members
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