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You can make a difference by giving just a few hours of your time.

Here are a few ways you can volunteer with Progressive Perspective:



Every performance must have a crew of ushers to hand out playbills and help the audience to their seats.

Community service hours are available for qualified youth ushers.


We need people to hang up posters! Posters must be delivered and hung up at pre-arranged sites all over town before every production. Pick up a list of places plus a bunch of posters and give Progressive Perspective a huge helping hand. 


Are you skilled with a camera? Progressive Perspective Theatrical needs a variety of informal photographs to document performance experience, from people having being captivated by our show, to people grabbing a quick snack at intermission to special events. We can definitely use your skills.



Wonder what goes on behind the scenes while a performance is going on? Well, stop wondering, and help us out. Jobs range from operating a spotlight, to moving scenery to running the light board. Don't worry if you haven't had previous experience; we'll show you how! Find out what’s really behind some of your favorite special effects.


Contact April @ 216.421.6314 for further details.

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